Ag Buyer’s Guide print magazine Ag Buyer’s Guide print magazine is published 12 times per year and distributed to 60,000 farmers across Ontario (the largest distribution of any magazine in Ontario). With a prestigious history that started in the late 1980s, Ag Buyers Guide has grown to become the most widely distributed agricultural publications in Ontario -- designed specifically for farmers and agribusinesses.

Serious farmers know that they can browse through an issue of the Ag Buyer’s Guide as their one stop source for farm equipment and product and service information because of the magazine’s depth of content, category organization, as well as its convenient size. Ag Buyer’s Guide is a well-recognized and well-respected brand. Most farmers search for a specific type or category of equipment, Ag Buyer’s Guide is organized so that farmers can easily find the information they are looking for by category.

As part of the family the Ag Buyer’s Guide magazine is also available online. Used Farm Equipment featured in the print version of the magazine, can also be searched online at

In addition to its distribution to 60,000 farms in Ontario, the Ag Buyer’s Guide Magazine is also distributed through TSC & Co-op/Country Depot Stores and is distributed at the following Agriculture Trade Shows: Western Fair Farm Show, Ottawa Valley Farm Show, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

Three ways to post a farmer classified ad in Ag Buyer’s Guide Magazine

  1. Online at Classifieds
  2. By phone – call 1-866-519-4302
  3. Email:

And don’t forget, farmers can post everything from antiques to livestock to hay on

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